lördag, januari 22, 2011

Music Saves My Soul Saturday

Högsta volym och dansa som en galning. Ja, det är ungefär så jag känner när jag hör den här. Och ibland händer det också ;) Låten är riktigt skön, men videon vet jag inte riktigt vad jag säga om...

I just wanna turn up the volume and dance when I hear this song. And sometimes I do ;)

Puss å kram

5 kommentarer :

  1. she is amazing isn't she ..... love women with such powerful voices .... enjoy your dancing :o)

  2. Oh wow!! Fab song! I've been hearing it on the radio a lot lately and it's nice to see the music video, especially as I bust some of my bellydance moves ;o) - I love it!! xx

  3. I didn't get to play this week, so just now getting around to see what everyone chose. Great pick!

  4. Love, love, love this song! It always makes me want to dance too!

  5. I didn't hear from this song but it's good! I'm playing for the first time and it's so much fun hearing new music...love it!

    Liefs, Renata


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