lördag, mars 26, 2011

Music Saves My Soul

Idag kände jag för en klassiker. Du vet hur man kan lyssna på vissa låtar hur många gånger som helst? Detta är en sådan låt för mig.
Om du också vill dela med dig av musik du gillar tycker jag att du ska titta in hos Marcea, skaparen av Music Saves My Soul Saturday:)

Today I felt like sharing some tunes from the late 60's. You know the kind of music that you never get tired of listening to? This song is one of those (for me).
If yoy too wanna share music that you love, pop by at Marcea, the creator of Music Saves My Soul Saturday :)

Puss å kram

9 kommentarer :

  1. Oh - I love S & G. Went to see Paul Simon some years back and he was so good. Great choice :)

  2. I heard this the other day, it's so melodic, lovely choice.

  3. A fantastic choice...it reminds me of some old friends of mine who were in a band and sung this! Those were the days xx

  4. I LOVE this song! I've forgotten about S&G's music. Thanks so much for bringing back memories!

  5. An oldie but a goodie,such clear voices.

  6. Ohhhh....this song brings me back to my first boyfriend (I was 15 and we where together for about 3 years). He had guitar lessons and this was a song he played while I was singing with him. Oh how romantic can young love be. Thanks for bringing back this sweet memory!

    I have "Adlicius", a candidates of X-factor for you this week!

    Groetjes, Renata

  7. Wonderful pick! Reminds me of coming home from school when I was young and my mom listening to records while she did house work.

  8. How amazing does this sound!! What a great choice this week hun - thankyou so much xxx


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