söndag, oktober 23, 2011

Music Saves My Soul

Den här killen är talang personifierad! Jag älskar Bruno Mars och jag älskar den här låten. Tänk att man kan bli så glad av riktigt bra musik. Vad skulle jag göra utan den...? Hihi. Om blogger bråkar, och du är nyfiken på låten, så är det bara att klicka här. Glöm inte att titta in hos Marcea som är värdinna för den här musikfesten!

This guy is just awesome! I love Bruno Mars and I love this song. Don't ya just love good music ;) What would life be without it...? If blogger is not working with you, and you wanna listen anyway, then click here. Then you should by by Marcea's for some more fab music!

Puss å kram

Psst... I've got Spotify invites is any of you in the States want to try it, and a free 6 months Digster Premium account (I'm not sure though if it works for US/UK or if it's just for Sweden. Let me know if you're intreseted :)

5 kommentarer :

  1. Hi Lisa...thanks so much for popping in to say hello this morning! Love your music today! Even though I have heard of Bruno, I don't think I ever stopped to listen...wonderful share today! On a side note LOL, my Grandma came from Sweden and her last name was Anderson (sen). Not sure of the spelling though. Love your little Halloween card below this post too!

  2. Hello Lisa, I love this song too, this sharing of favourite tracks is brilliant, I am loving it! have a fun evening, hugs Linda x

  3. Bruno is fabulous, I do love him a lot. Great song choice this week. Hope to see you again today xxx

  4. This is a great song! I haven't heard this before. TFS!

    Isn't spotify great? I'm elizgmom on there if you want to look me up.

    Have a great weekend!


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