lördag, mars 12, 2011

Music Saves My Soul

Jag har inte hört något från James Blunt på riktigt länge. Så när jag stod och diskade häromveckan (jag har ALLTID på musik när jag diskar!) så hörde jag den här låten och den fastnade direkt. Jag blir så glad när jag hör den! Och videon är riktigt härlig den också ;)

Om du också har musik du vill dela med dig av så tycker jag att du ska titta in hos Marcea - grundaren av Music Saves My Soul Saturday!

I havn't heard anything by James Blunt in a really long time. So when I did the dishes the other week (I ALWAYS listen to music when I do the dishes !) I heard this and immediately loved it. I get so happy when I hear it :)

If you too wanna share your favorite music, pop on over to Marcea - the creater of Music Saves My Soul Saturday!

Puss å kram

9 kommentarer :

  1. You're right darling, such a happy song... roll on summer! ;o)) xx

  2. This makes me wish summer was here right now :)

  3. He is great isn't he ... always have a James Blunt CD in my car on the disc changer ..... super choice - put a big smile on my face today xxx

  4. Looove James Blunt... could do with a trip to a beach like that ...MMMmm x
    Great choice ! x

  5. Big smiles over here too - I was singing along to this in the car this morning :)
    Leann x

  6. Haven't heard this in ages. Great choice and perfect for those of us that live at the beach.

  7. I'm a HUGE fan of James Blunt! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to get his CDs out again. ;)

  8. Oh yeh, I like this one too!! TFS

    Liefs, Renata

  9. Oh this is such a fun song! I just downloaded from amazon.com! TFS!


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